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Volkswagen reveals new ID. 2all1 electric car concept

Written by Nayak

German carmaker Volkswagen has brought in a new budget electric vehicle. Given the rise in the competition in the EV sector revs up. Carmakers are coming up with their answers as fast as they can. Volkswagen showcased the first glimpse of its economic electric car, the ID. 2all concepts. As per Volkswagen’s statement, the car is going to be ‘as spacious as Volkswagen’s Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo’.

What Is The Volkswagen ID. 2all?

The ID. 2all models, with front-wheel drive, will come with a range of up to 450 kilometres (280 miles). As for the pricing, VW will target to price it under EUR 25,000 which translates to USD 26,300. We expect VW to launch the electric car for the European market in 2025. Volkswagen is also confident it could maintain the low price point. This is because of the high sales volume. Volkswagen also mentioned that it has plans to invest 122 billion euros in the shift towards electric vehicles over the coming years.

Volkswagen has Big Plans For The EV Segment

The car is one among the ten new electric models that Volkswagen plans to bring in by 2026. Other models in the lineup include the new  ID.32, and the ID.  In addition to these models, Volkswagen also has plans to launch a  compact electric SUV in 2026. The release also mentioned that Volkswagen is working on an electric car which will retail in the price range of less than EUR 20,000. The company aims to increase its competitiveness in key markets like China. Here it has fallen behind US rival Tesla and local manufacturers of electric cars.

EV Is The Future Of The Automotive Industry

In 2022, battery-powered cars accounted for a record seven per cent of the VW group’s deliveries, which is quite astounding. The sales figure amounted to just over 572,000 units globally. With the dedicated effort to the EV segment, Volkswagen has a target to capture 80 per cent of the electric car market in Europe.

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