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Volkswagen India adds 8 new touchpoints in 8 days

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Volkswagen India has added 8 new dealer showrooms in the last 8 days. This has happened across the country. VW India also shared its dealership expansion plans for the current calendar year 2023. The aim is to expand its reach to more customers across the country.

These new dealerships bring in a combination of services such as sales, after-sales service and pre-owned car sales as well. With the inclusion of these new 8 dealerships, Volkswagen India currently has 161 sales and 126 service touch points across 121 cities around the country.

New Showrooms From VW India

These 8 VW touchpoints have come up in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Volkswagen also has plans to increase its dealership network further. The long-term aim is to reach a larger customer base. By the end of 2023, Volkswagen India targets to increase their dealership network to 182 sales and 142 service touch points across 130 cities around the country.

Given India’s rapid economic growth, it has created an appetite for more vehicles on Indian roads. This development, in turn is increasing the demand for cars among an increasingly diverse customer base across the country. Thus, VW is pushing to expand its network. This will help them meet this demand and bring the Brand’s portfolio of German-engineered products closer to more takers in the Indian market than ever before.

VW Aims Big In The Indian Market

At the same time, VW also understands that a well-rounded ownership experience is very crucial. Thus robust after-sales service is necessary. Hence, VW is an enduring commitment to providing its customers with a top-class level of convenience and satisfaction. VW aims to provide world-class service throughout the ownership journey which will also help them forge a long-lasting relationship with them. Through these new touchpoints, VW is looking forward to welcoming more customers into the family. Thus, providing them with an unmatched ownership experience that is seamless, fulfilling, and truly exceptional.

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