Vehicle papers on mobile now acceptable

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Gone are the days when you need to show up the vehicle papers like RC, Insurance in front of officials in case asked.

Government of Telangana is going to introduce a new act through which you can show your vehicle papers only by using the mobile phones and thus eliminating the needs of carrying the physical papers.

The smartphone application has been tried and tested by the transport officials and will be revealed till the February end and will find it’s use from March throughout the state.

This introduction of mobile app will also lead to the stoppage or restriction of harassment of motorists in case they miss out in documentations. This will also stop the fine imposed over motorists and also lead to the stoppage of bribe to an extent.

Once this app becomes operational, all a motorist needs to do is download it on their smartphone free of cost and carry out a one-time registration by adding the mobile phone number or Aadhaar number. Irrespective of the number of vehicles owned by a citizen, multiple e-RC documents and e-licences can also be seen on this app.

This app will help motorists commute hassle free.