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Ultraviolette F77 test bike clocks 1,00,000 kilometers

Written by News Team

Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer, Ultraviolette Automotive, has achieved a significant milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) market. One of the test motorcycles of the Ultraviolette F77 model recently surpassed 1,00,000 kilometers while maintaining over 95 percent of its original battery capacity.

A Milestone Achievement for the Ultraviolette F77

The F77 test unit covered long distances in various modes, accumulating a total ride time of 2,113 hours. During on-road durability testing, the motorcycle saved fuel worth INR 4.41 lakh, almost its own cost, with an average energy efficiency of 60.88 wh/km, reducing CO2 emissions by 5,713.73 kg. It achieved an IDC range of 304 kilometers on a single charge after testing at ARAI.

Extended Warranty Packages

Ultraviolette Automotive has introduced extended warranty packages for its F77 model, now covering an impressive 8 lakh kilometers/8 years. The new warranty structure includes three packages – UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max, each offering significant extensions in kilometer limits. UV Care and UV Care+ now have double the coverage, while UV Care Max provides an eight-fold increase in kilometer limit, previously capped at 1 lakh kilometers.

This enhanced warranty also benefits existing F77 model owners, including those in export markets

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Superior Battery Performance

Niraj Rajmohan, CTO & Co-Founder of Ultraviolette, highlighted that design and assembly processes, thermal management, temperature dissipation, and stringent quality checks as key factors that make the F77 battery unique. Despite using similar cells as other EV companies, Ultraviolette’s battery packs outperform due to superior engineering, resulting in enhanced lifespan and performance.

This achievement is attributed to a combination of mechanical, thermal, electrical, electronics, and software elements.

Overall, we think that these achievements will increase the confidence of the customers looking to buy an EV. There have been concerns about the battery life which these tests have put to rest. Also, an eight-year or 8,00,000 km warranty also tells us how much the brand is confident about their own product.