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Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition launched at INR 5.6 lakh

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Ultraviolette has unveiled a new limited edition of the F77 electric motorbike. The Space Edition comes with a unique paint scheme and some extra kit. Only 10 units of this will be made and the pricing is set at INR 5.60 lakh.

What’s new in the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition?

For starters, the F77 Space Edition comes with a special white colour scheme. According to the bike maker, this colour is not only attractive but also helps reduce the drag. All over the bike, there is Space Edition Badging different places and all 10 specimens will get a number on a charging port.

Apart from these changes, the bike also gets tank grips and aerodynamic wheel covers. Ultraviolette says the key for the bike will be made from a single block of aerospace grade aluminium. The bike was also kitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres. The standard version of the bike comes with MRF Steel Brace tyres.

Powertrain of the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition

The Space Edition comes with the same 10.3 kWh battery and gets a 307 km of claimed range (IDC). However, the motor figures have been slightly bumped up. The Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition develops 40.5 HP and 100 Nm.

Coming to the pricing, the Space Edition commands a premium of INR 95,000 over the F77 Recon. Bookings for this limited edition will commence from 22 August 2023 6 pm onwards.

UV Squadron : More Details

Earlier this year, the bike maker launched UV Squadron. It is expected to not just build up a community of like minded folks, but also help the electric bike maker to expand its ecosystem. Furthermore, the group includes progressive individuals and they recognize the importance of a sustainable future.

On the inaugural ride day, the members clocked a cumulative 2,000 km. F77 owners were brought together due to this initiative. Apart from the ride, the UV Squadron also had multiple engagement activities like adventure sports. Some of the events included Rock CLimbing and Rappelling. All these ensured that there was a spirit of adventure and brotherhood amongst the members.

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