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Ultraviolette F77 production to begin in Q1 2022

Written by Nayak

Ultraviolette, an emerging e-mobility company in India, will set up its manufacturing and assembling facility in Bangalore. The production will most likely start from Q1, 2022 with a target to roll out the first batch of motorcycles by March 2022. Spread over 70,000 square meters, the facility will come up near Electronics City, Bangalore. This will also open up job opportunities to the local communities in the region. The company will train over 500 employees on electric vehicle manufacturing over the next five years. In this first year of production, Ultraviolet will manufacture close to 15,000 units. The long term plan is to scale up the annual capacity up to 120,000 units.

Ultraviolette Plans For The Future

Established in 2016, with a vision of creating high-performance future-ready electric mobility, the company has received quite a positive response worldwide. The company aims to develop India’s first ecosystem of high-performance electric vehicles. To enhance the performance of its products, Ultraviolette will share principles used in the aviation industry. The company will also build all its products with a target of 90 per cent localisation. This includes battery packs, various vehicle components and more. The manufacturing facility’s location has been chosen, keeping in mind Bengaluru’s strong supply-chain ecosystem. Ultraviolette will look to leverage this supply chain and manufacture its products indigenously.

Ultraviolette F77 Key Details

The F77 is a high-performance motorcycle that is already making its name with its astounding performance figures. F77 has now received close to 40,000 bookings interests from customers in Indian and International markets. The company has confirmed that they will start with the pre-orders for the motorcycle later this year. The bike can go from 0 to 60 kmph in just 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 140 kmph. The claimed riding range is 150 km under a single charge. The motorcycle is equipped with all the necessary kits that an electric vehicle of current time gets. This includes diagnostics over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, bike track, multiple ride modes, regenerative braking, ride diagnostics and more.

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