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Uber drops rates by 25% in Mumbai

Uber drops rates by 25% in Mumbai
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Uber, the premium taxi service provider is working on fighting against local transport options including autorickshaws with their recent reduction in fare. Uber has dropped their taxi rates by upto 25% in Mumbai and now claims that the Uber service is as cheap as getting in a rickshaw.

This offer does not need any promotional code to be applied, as the promotion is already applied to their receipts. Although a limited period offer, the company suggests that if the response is favourable, this offer could be extended for a longer duration.

Rate comparison: (Worli to Airport)

  • Taxi (Day): Rs. 183
  • UberX: Rs. 216
  • UberBlack: Rs. 294
  • Radio cabs (Day): Rs. 301
  • Radio cabs (Night): Rs. 376

Uber was previously found guilty of not following the two-step verification process for customer payments, and this payment process has to be tweaked by or before October 31.