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Uber cabs banned & blacklisted in Delhi

Uber cabs banned & blacklisted in Delhi
Written by Parichay Malvankar

After the horrifying and shameful rape incident which took place in New Delhi involving Uber Cabs, the transport department of Delhi has banned all activities by the cab company and the National Capital Territory has also blacklisted Uber Cabs from providing any future services in the capital city in the future.

A 27-year old woman, a resident of Delhi was raped by a Uber Cabs driver on 05/12/2014 and has now been arrested by police. The cab (DL 1Y D 7910) involved in the incident has also been recovered by the local authorities. The reason why Uber Cabs have to face these consequences is that they did not have a thorough background check before hiring the driver. Identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav, the driver was accused in a sexual assault case even in 2011.

Uber is now trying hard to establish contacts with the government to help them still continue with the services in the city. The company is assuring to work with other social groups to provide a safer commuting environment for women in Delhi.

Irrespective of what happens to Uber, we pray for a speedy recovery of the victim & her family, both mental and physical and hope that justice is served soon.

Source – TOI