Tyre pressure sensors now mandatory for MotoGP bikes

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

After witnessing the horrific crash of Loris Blaz last week, due to bursting of tyre, FIM has now passed a new regulation mandating trye pressure sensors for all MotoGP motorcycles.

A sensor supplier was earlier in place for Moto2 (already using the rule for the upcoming season). With the new rule passed, finding a supplier won’t be a problem for MotoGP teams. Also, major teams like Honda Repsol, had already been using the tyre pressure sensors.

Loris Blaz took a horrific fall last week due to low tyre pressure in the rear tyre, as regulated by Michelin, and hence had a tyre burst. Although, the cause of Lori’s crash is still to be examined but this step will definitely help increasing safety for all MotoGP participants.