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TVS revealed Apache RTR 200 FI Ethanol at Auto Expo 2018

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Auto Expo brings out a lot of interesting concepts and some modifications to the existing lineup from various brands. This year, TVS Motor Company showcased a unique variant of the Apache, dubbed as the TVS Apache RTR 200 FI Ethanol. The basic purpose of this motorcycle is to reduce the emission and CO2 levels which will result in protecting the environment.

Ethanol is produced from renewable plant sources and is non-toxic, biodegradable, oxygenated with 35% oxygen, and reduces nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter & sulphur-di-oxide. Also, the use of Ethanol will reduce our dependence on petroleum products.

On the exteriors, the TVS Apache RTR 200 FI Ethanol sports a green livery to indicate that this bike can run on Ethanol.

The bike gets a twin-spray-twin-port fuel injection system which ensures faster throttle response and reduced emissions. The ethanol powered Apache RTR 200 FI produces 21 PS of power @ 8500 RPM and 18.1 Nm of torque @ 7000 RPM and has a top speed of 129 kmph. Now these figures do look impressive for a sustainable future.

But! This is just a concept / prototype for now. Would you like to see this bike running on the streets?