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TVS registers 10% growth in July 2021, sold 2,78,855 two-wheelers

Written by Nayak

TVS Motor Company has announced its sales report for July 2021. The company sold a total of 2,78,855 units for July 2021, up from 2,52,744 units for July 2020. In the two-wheeler segment, TVS witnessed a growth of 8 per cent, with sales of 2,62,728 units in July 2021. Meanwhile, the figure for the same segment last year in July was 2,43,788 units. In the domestic market, TVS sold over 1,75,169 units in July 2021 against 1,89,647 units for the same period last year.

Detailed Sales Break-Up

Motorcycle Segment

The motorcycle segment saw cumulative sales of 1,38,772 units in July 2021, up from 1,06,062 units in July 2020.

Scooter Segment

In the scooter segment, the company sold over 74,351 units in July 2021, whereas in July 2020, the figure was 78,603 units.


In terms of international business, TVS registered a growth of 65 per cent. For the month of July 2021, the company exported over 103,133 units against 62,389 units for July 2020. The two-wheeler export figure stood at 87,559 units for July 2021. Meanwhile, the figure for the same period last year was 54,141 units, thus resulting in a growth of 62 per cent. TVS mentioned that the growth in the international market continues to grow strong with the improvement in container availability.

Three-Wheeler Segment

In this segment, TVS registered a growth of 80 per cent. The sales figure stood at 16,127 units for July 2021, up from 8,956 units in July 2020.

In Other News

With the demand for electric scooters growing in the country, TVS iQube’s sales are also picking up pace. There are a lot of new companies joining this increasingly growing popular segment. The e-mobility industry, especially the two-wheeler segment, is expected to overpower their ICE-engine powered counterparts in the next 7 to 8 years. Thus, to sustain in this segment, TVS needs to update this product lineup and keep up with the competition. TVS recently launched the Race XP variant of the NTORQ, inspired by a stealth aircraft.

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