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TVS Eurogrip launches 11 new tyres for motorcycles, scooters & EVs

Written by Nayak

TVS Srichakra Ltd, which is one of the flagship companies of the TVS Group announces the launch of new tyres under the Sportorq, Jumbo Gt, Conta, Durapro And E-Durapro product series. A total of eleven sizes are available, eight for motorcycles, two for scooters and one for e-rickshaw. The company mentioned that the recent spike in the demand for vehicles post the lockdown compelled them to launch this new set of tyre series. The demand for e-rickshaw is on a rise and taking that into consideration TVS Srichakra introduced a new tyre especially for the e-rickshaw segment. The company mentioned that this new set of tyres are available across all cities and towns in the country. TVS Srichakra has 2 manufacturing hubs located in Madurai (Tami Nadu) and Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) which produce a cumulative 3 million tyres per month.


TVS Srichakra claims that the reinforced tri-polymer compound used in these set of tyres provide optimal grip. The use of specially designed grooves helps in water dispersion thus offering a better grip on wet surfaces. The unique tread pattern design helps in providing excellent control at high speeds. To improve the stability and traction while cornering, the tyres are rounded in shape with an extended shoulder profile.


This set of tyres provide high stability and are designed to last very long. The new tread design helps in improving the mileage while carrying heavy loads which is the most crucial part of an electric vehicle.

Jumbo GT and Durapro

For the first time, Durapro series tyres are available in tubeless variants for motorcycles and scooters. TVS Srichakra claims that both Jumbo GT and Durapro come with an aligned and optimized tread pattern that delivers better mileage and stability.


The scooter market is growing at a significant pace as they are more convenient as a daily commuter than a traditional geared motorcycle. This led TVS Srichakra to launch two new sizes of the ever-popular Conta 725 series. These tyres provide safe riding without any compromise on the mileage and durability aspect.