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Toyota working on new battery tech for EVs, 100% charge in 10 minutes

Written by Nayak

Toyota Motors has claimed a remarkable feat in the electric automotive sector. This could completely revolutionize the entire electric vehicle market. Toyota Motors has boasts that its new solid-state battery provides a range of 500 km and can charge up to 100% in just under 10 minutes.

Toyota is trying to eliminate all the shortfalls of lithium-ion batteries like travelling a very short distance under a single charge, frequent charging for long hours and regular maintenance of the battery. If everything goes well, Toyota could be the first automaker of the decade to build an electric vehicle with a solid-state battery. A prototype is soon expected to be launched in the year 2021 and Toyota claims that the range will be more than twice than the other electric vehicles in the market. These solid-state batteries could be the alternative to lithium-ion batteries, but still, the development is under progress. Another advantage which the solid-state batteries provide is these batteries are less prone to catch fire and the charging time could be reduced by almost 66%. Toyota is reportedly having over 1,000 patents under its name related to solid-state batteries.

The electric vehicle revolution has made almost all major automotive companies shift their focus from the conventional internal combustion engines to battery-powered motors. The main advantage of electric vehicles is that these are emission-free and thus could help lower the carbon footprint to a great level. With the evolving connected car technologies, electric vehicles could more smartly be integrated into newer technologies as compared to their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

This shift of focus is being witnessed in India as well. Being one of the largest vehicle markets in the world, India has a lot of potential to be the forerunner in the electric vehicle segment. Proper e-mobility infrastructure is the foundation for a well connected electric vehicle network. Currently, a lot of car and two-wheeler makers are introducing their electric vehicles in the Indian market. The commercial segment is also witnessing a surge of battery-powered vehicles especially in the metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and more.