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Toyota ‘T-Serv’ car servicing for customers going to Multi-Brand Workshops

Written by Nayak

Toyota Kirloskar Motor announces the introduction of the T-Serv pilot project in Bangalore. With the ever-evolving and growing Indian automobile market, Toyota witnessed some behavioural patterns in customers and thus came up with this new idea. T-Serv in partnership with multi-brand service outlet is aiming at the customers who have migrated from authorized service centres to the multi-branded garages. Currently, five garages are under the T-Serv project in Bangalore.

T-Serv Discussed In Detail

TKM claims that T-Serv outlets will cater to Toyota customers by providing them with the utmost transparent and quality car servicing. The service centres are likely to gain a lot from Toyota’s vast experience in car servicing. Outlets under the T-Serv will ensure quality workmanship and convenience with the use of Toyota certified technicians. The services offered in these garages include regular general services and periodic maintenance to body jobs like body and paint repairs.

Other Key Points

Toyota will also offer the franchisees to upgrade their staff’s technical knowledge and skills by offering various training on a regular basis. TKM also mentioned the T-Serv customer app which will add the digital convenience which is in very much demand these days. The app will look into providing digital access to all the various services which will ensure a hassle-free and transparent car servicing experience for the customers. In addition to that, the workshop owners can also monitor the status of all the work carried out in the garage and stay updated. T-Serv is also offering Do-It-Yourself accessories and car care products which will encourage the customers to take care of their car to the best of their abilities.

The Shift of Market to Multi-Branded Garages

In recent times, we are witnessing a significant shift of the customers, opting for multi-branded garages. The main reason could be that these garages are more economical, transparent and most of the time are located closer to the customers’ home. In a few metro cities, it was noticed that few garage owners have in fact started their own chain of garages which does indicate a lot of positivity.