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Toyota suspends production at Bidadi plant as Bangalore locks down

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) has announced that the company has temporarily halted production in its Bidadi production facility from July 14th (second shift) to July 22nd (first shift) and the decision has been made as the Govy of Karnataka has re-initiated the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Bengaluru Urban and Rural from July 14th to July 22nd 2020. 

The re-lockdown is an effort from the Govt. to contain the virus spread and flatten the curve of the rising COVID-19 cases in the state. TKM is in-line with the Govt.’s lockdown decision and since the beginning of the COVID-19, TKM has been inclined towards the safety of its customer’s, employees and stakeholders. The company had also voluntarily shut down the Bidadi plant in the past before even the national lockdown was initiated in the month of March. 

For the safety and well-being of its employees, Toyota Kirloskar Motors have come up with well thought out resumption guidelines called ‘Restart Manual’ that ensures the safety of all the people associated with the company. The brand has also shared the same with other manufacturers across the industry. TKM also ensured that its employees and their families received the required professional assistance during the lockdown phase. 

Similar to the ‘Restart Manual’ Toyota Kirloskar Motors has also set up resumption guidelines for its dealer partners called ‘Dealer Restart’ to ensure the safety of its dealer, staff and customer. To further protect its customers, TKM has also opened new digital sales channels and encourages its customers to use them from the safety of their home in times of the pandemic. 

TKM has employed a number of safety measures, post unlocks, at the Bidadi manufacturing plant and ensures that only 40% to 45% of the production workforce is attending work to maintain social distancing norms. The employees coming to work also have to self declare their health condition on a daily basis. In a situation where an employee is tested COVID-19 positive, TKM takes adequate measures to quarantine those employees who are suspected to have had primary or secondary contact with the infected employees through appropriate contact tracing.

To benefit its employees from the pandemic, TKM has also modified its medical insurance to include COVID-19 treatment and also increased the coverage for all its employees and their family members so as to extend all possible support to them during this pandemic.