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Toyota in trouble for Innova Crysta, Fortuner & Hilux, deliveries on hold

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Toyota is suspending the dispatches of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux models in India. The hold is due to irregularities found in the output test of the diesel engines. The engines in question are the 1GD, 2GD and F33A. Toyota revealed that in all Ten vehicle models are using the affected engines, globally. Six out of the Ten models are sold in the Japanese market as well. In the international market, models include Land Cruiser Prado (Production Discontinued), Land Cruiser 300, LX500d, Dyna/Dutro (Hino) and Hiace.

Toyota Certification Irregularities

Toyota Motor Corporation has commissioned Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) to develop diesel engines for Toyota cars. TICO reported to Toyota Motor Corporation, that a report from the special investigation committee found potential irregularities of certification regulations.  The special investigation committee is chaired by Mr. Hiroshi Inoue and was put in order to investigate inappropriate domestic emissions certification of engines for forklifts and construction machinery.

The investigation led to the finding of issues with horsepower output testing for the certification of three diesel engine models for automobiles. The horsepower output performance of engines is being measured using ECUs with software but differs from that used for mass production. This could lead to results that could measure to make values appear smoother with less variation.

Toyota To Re-Verify Performance Output Standards

However, the company reverified the vehicles produced at the plant and confirmed that the vehicles meet engine performance output standards. Still, based on the findings, TICO decided to temporarily suspend shipments of the affected engines. Further, Toyota also decided to temporarily suspend shipments of vehicles equipped with the affected engines. In addition to this, Toyota also revealed that the company will be providing detailed explanation to the authorities as well as conduct testing in the presence of witnesses if appropriate.

The irregularities relate only to smoothing of power and torque curves and are not related to emission norms. Even though the dispatch is discontinued, Toyota will still be accepting bookings for the Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux in India.

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