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Toyota confirms Hilux EV, could get 4×4

Written by News Team

Isuzu recently unveiled the D-Max EV at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024. Following the unveil, Toyota has announced that they will be bringing in the Hilux EV by the end of 2025 in Thailand. It will supposedly get a 4X4 drivetrain.

Hilux Revo BEV Concept

In 2022, Toyota showcased the Hilux Revo BEV Concept at the Bangkok International Motor Show. It is expected that this very concept will take the production form of the new Hilux EV. The specifications of the Hilux Revo were not revealed at the time.

Testing in Thailand

Before entering production, the electric Hilux will undergo testing in the resort town of Pattaya, located in eastern Thailand. Approximately a dozen electric trucks are expected to be delivered to the town next month, where they will serve as public transportation vehicles. This initiative aligns with Thailand’s ambition to have 30% of vehicles built in the nation to be electric by the end of the decade.

Hilux EV – What to Expect?

The Hilux EV is expected to come with a 4X4 drivetrain. It will be powered by two motors – one on each axle. The Hilux EV is expected to come with a 400 km to 500 km range. It will supposedly be more powerful than the Isuzu D-MAx-EV. The D-Max-EV comes with a 66.9 kWh battery and has a combined power of 177 hp and 325 Nm of torque. The Hilux might get a bigger battery and powerful motor combination. It is also expected to get 1000 kg to 1200 kg payload capacity.

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