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Toyota & Honda join hands to develop Fuel Cell based portable power generator

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Toyota and Honda have come togather in order to develop an innovative power generation system with the aim of supporting areas affected by natural disasters where the power grid is down, to support outdoor work activities as well as outdoor leisure activities that require electrical power. 

The mobile power generation is dubbed ‘Moving e’ that delivers clean electrical power during blackout situations caused by cyclones or earthquakes. The Moving-e system features a Toyota’s Fuel Cell bus that generates the power coupled to a Honda Power Exporter 9000 portable external power output device that comes with two types of Honda portable batteries (LiB-AID E500 and Honda Mobile Power Pack). 

Honda multiple supply packs can provide power to individual needs and come with 100V and 200V capacities. As for the Toyota Fuel Cell bus, the bus is based on the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) technology that can generate 454 kWh of power with a maximum output of 18 kW. The bus is designed in a modular way so that it not only accommodates the power grid supplies but also helps transport people in disaster situations. 

The brand is now expected to start the test phase of the concept in conjunction with various municipalities and establishments, to verify the advantages and usefulness of the Moving-e system. 

Closer to home, Toyota’s Indian arm, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has registered a total sales of 5,555 units in the month of August 2020 showing growth over the 5,386 units sold in the month of July 2020. For the same period last year(August 2019), TKM sold a total of 10,701 units in the domestic market and had exported 843 units of the Toyota Etios. 

On the other hand, Honda Cars India Limited announced that the brand has sold 7,509 units in August 2020 with 450 units in export. The brand had recorded a total number of 8,291 units of domestic sales in August 2019.