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Tork ‘Pit Crew’ sales & service on wheels introduced

Written by Rohit Tonapi

India’s fast-growing electric motorcycle manufacturer, Tork Motors, has introduced ‘Pit Crew’ on the occasion of World EV Day. Pit Crew is a complete service and sales solution on wheels. The unique mobile service van, Pit Crew, will cater to customers’ sales and after-sales requirements at their doorstep. Tork Motors’ Pit Crew is a part of its ‘Experience TORK inititative’. With this, the brand aims to offer the unique joy of owning a Tork motorcycle.

Tork Pit Crew – Details

The brand says Pit Crew takes inspiration from its motorsports heritage. The brand designed Pit Crew with a sole agenda – to offer ease, convenience and peace of mind to the Tork Kratos owners. The Pit Crew will also act as a compact showroom and service centre on wheels with the ability to do the periodic maintenance of its electric motorcycles. Currently, Pit Crew is operational in Pune. However, Tork Motors will roll it out in other cities by the end of this calendar year. These cities will include Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Tork Motors’ Pit Crew van can accommodate 3 motorcycles at a time for delivery purposes. Furthermore, the van also carries all the necessary tools, spare parts and other consumables to support last-minute and immediate vehicle maintenance requirements.

The Pit Crew van has GPS and WiFi-enabled. It is also thermally insulated to maintain a lower temperature inside the van. The WiFi connectivity means it is also connected to the cloud. This allows it to detect any software errors. If it detects any error, it can provide the necessary updates for the motorcycle while servicing. 

The Pit Crew van also comes with a 4000-Watt inverter with a 5.4 kWh battery. The Pit Crew van also has two 700-Watt chargers for on-the-spot vehicle charging requirements. The brand has divided a considerable amount of space into office and service areas. Thus, the brand says it is also possible to do dry cleaning and polishing of the motorcycles.

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