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This Mercedes-Benz e-Scooter has a top speed of 20 kmph and range of 25 km

Written by Nizam Shaikh

In a matter of two days German carmaker Mercedes-Benz will launch the brand’s first 100% luxury electric vehicle in the Indian market, the Mercedes-Benz EQC. Now a Swiss-based urban mobility solutions company, Micro Mobility Systems Ltd. has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and revealed the Mercedes-Benz e-Scooter, further strengthening the ‘EQ’ family. The e-scooter is focussed in last-mile connectivity solution and features both Micro and Mercedes-Benz co-branding on the handlebars. 

The brand has revealed that the Mercedes-Benz e-Scooter comes with high-quality components and materials that enables the e-scooter a mileage of over 5,000 kilometres. The Mercedes-Benz e-scooter is designed for flexible mobility solutions and comes with an intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated with the foot. The handlebars can also be folded for easier packing inside the trunk of a vehicle or to carry the e-scooter on a train or bus. The e-scooter also weighs 13.5 kg enabling easier transportation. 

The Mercedes-Benz e-Scooter is powered by a 500W electric motor matched to a 280 kWh battery pack that propels the e-scooter to 20 kmph the speed limit for e-scooters and provides a range of 25 km on a single charge. The e-Scooter can be charged in 3.5 hours. Instead of a thumb-throttle like most e-scooter the Mercedes-Benz e-scooter features a twist grip throttle which is more intuitive to use and accurate. Additionally, the e-Scooter also comes with connectivity features through Micro App that connects the user via Bluetooth technology and information such as speed, distance, travel time and battery charge status can be accessed via the app. 

In other news, the Mercedes-Benz EQC is much awaited in the Indian market and is likely to be priced around the INR 1 Crore mark. As of now, it does not have a competitor in the luxury e-SUV segment in India, but eventually, when Jaguar and Audi launch their fully electric vehicles the EQC will compete with the Jaguar i-Pace and the Audi e-Tron.