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This is an electric Harley-Davidson concept, like it?

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Well, we’ve all seen that Harley-Davidson has clear intentions of entering the electric motorcycle segment with the Livewire project. While that product is going to launch in the near future, at CES 2019, the American iconic cruiser manufacturer has showcased two more electric two-wheeler concepts.

These concepts are unlike any other Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or even any previous concept. They look more of motorised bicycles than an all-out motorcycle. The image on top looks like a fun urban commuter, for small distances or to be used within a premises. The one at the bottom looks like a mountain bike with an electric motor to help you climb / ride to places you wouldn’t on your conventional bike.

While none of this is close to reality at the moment, this surely hints at what Harley-Davidson has in mind for the near future. When electric vehicles become mainstream.

Meanwhile here in India, the gasoline burning Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been priced starting from INR 5.33 lakh all the way upwards of INR 50 lakhs.