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This BMW Motorrad S1000RR frame was 3D Printed

Written by Parichay Malvankar

The conventional world of automobile manufacturing is going to change. Although not in the immediate future, but soon. BMW Motorrad has now showcased a 3D printed chassis for the S1000RR superbike. This was done at the BMW Group Digital Day 2018. Using additive manufacturing technology, this chassis for the BMW Motorrad S1000RR was built by putting up an image in the computer, and then a 3D printer giving it shape using metal dust.

Although the 3D printed chassis doesn’t look like the read deal to be used on a production superbike, it surely gives us an idea of the possibilities of using such technology in the future. Also, currently, the strength and capabilities of this 3D printed chassis are unknown. It is being said that BMW Group’s Research & Innovation Centre in Munich can product nearly 1,40,000 prototype parts using 3D printing for various projects.

For your reference, BMW is already going to make use of 3D printed parts for the i8 Roadster in the soft-top mount mechanism.

BMW Motorrad in the recent past also showcased a carbon fiber swingarm for their entry level G 310 R motorcycle.

All these things could result in a major shift of equipment and components and the process of vehicle manufacturing. Parts could become faster to product, and lighter to weigh.

BMW Motorrad is all set to launch a completely new S1000RR superbike later this year. But it seems unlike that it will make use of such 3D printed parts. However, we can surely hope for plenty of carbon fibre components on it as the brand is looking at mass scale use of this exotic material.