This Aston Martin’s track focused car will blow your mind

Aston Martin Vulcan - tailend
Written by Paarth Powale

Aston Martin, The British luxury Supercar brand has bought us its most intense creation till date. The Aston Martin Vulcan. Though launched worldwide on March 3rd this year in Geneva, we’ve heard very little about it.
Born out of Aston Martins extensive motorsport experience. The Vulcan is a through track breed.

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan

Most components made of Carbon Fiber, Magnesium to reduce the weight. Even the chassis is carbon monocoque. There’s no word on how much the car weighs, but Aston martin claims that the power to weight ratio exceeds those of GTE cars which compete in FIA’s annual world endurance championship.

Powering the Vulcan is race spec, 7.0 litre V-12 petrol engine churning out a massive 800bhp at your disposal. The cars styling is completely GT inspired with aerodynamic curves, and a massive spoiler to keep the rear end down as it is a rear wheel drive car. The tail lights makes the car look like its already in motion.

After the Aston Martin One-77 costing $1.2-million, the Aston Martin Vulcan will cost big $2.3-million! But this price tag comes with exclusivity around the world, as only 24 of these cars will be built.
David King, Aston Martin’s director of special projects and Motorsports says that they’ll be running series of exclusive track day events commencing in 2016 that will offer opportunity for the customers to explore their driving capabilities, and test the cars performance potential on some of the world’s most famous race circuits.

No doubt we are stunned with the design and performance, but $2.3-million for a car which is meant only for the tracks? Sounds outrageous doesn’t it?

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