Meet the Super Vespa PX

Written by Paarth Powale

Scooters, the cheapest way to enjoy two-wheeled fun. Easy to run through traffic, comfortable and enough kick to feel the wind in your air.

It was only until we saw this that it changed the way we looked at scooters. The super Vespa PX, developed by the 10 Inch Terror team in Hamburg – Germany.

The Super Vespa PX

The Super Vespa PX

Powering this modified Vespa is one of the biggest two stroke engines ever produced, the Husqvarna’s WR360 engine! Smiling yet? The Vespa PX also gets an upgraded clutch, crankshaft, ignition and gearbox as the stock parts were only meant for lower power output. Apart from the brakes and the tyres, rest of the scooter pretty much remains the same.

Two stroke madness on a scooter, can it get any better than this?