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Tata Tigor & Tiago get ABS as standard on all variants

Written by Parichay Malvankar

The Tiago and Tigor have been fueling the growth for Tata Motors in the recent past. Both, the hatchback and the compact-sedan have been received well in the Indian market. Now, Tata Motors is offering ABS as standard across all variants of the Tiago and Tigor.

Price list of the Tigor (ex-showroom Delhi):

  • Tigor XE Petrol5,42,321
  • Tigor XM Petrol5,77,321
  • Tigor XZ Petrol6,08,548
  • Tigor XZ+ Petrol6,62,548
  • Tigor XZA Petrol6,78,548
  • Tigor XE Diesel6,31,667
  • Tigor XM Diesel6,63,667
  • Tigor XZ Diesel6,97,758
  • Tigor XZ+ Diesel7,51,758

Price list of the Tiago (ex-showroom Delhi):

  • Tiago XE Revotron Petrol4,20,500
  • Tiago XE (O) Revotron Petrol4,36,616
  • Tiago XM Revotron Petrol4,52,209
  • Tiago XM (O) Revotron Petrol4,68,324
  • Tiago XT Revotron Petrol4,85,227
  • Tiago XT (O) Revotron Petrol5,00,062
  • Tiago XTA Revotron Petrol5,21,615
  • Tiago XZ W/O Alloy Revotron Petrol5,21,658
  • Tiago XZ Revotron Petrol5,32,840
  • Tiago XZ+ Revotron Petrol5,64,096
  • Tiago XZ+ With Dual Tone Roof Revotron Petrol5,71,096
  • Tiago XZA Revotron Petrol5,74,449
  • Tiago XE Revotorq Diesel5,00,369
  • Tiago XE (O) Revotorq Diesel5,07,538
  • Tiago XM Revotorq Diesel5,36,013
  • Tiago XM (O) Revotorq Diesel5,49,734
  • Tiago XT Revotorq Diesel5,69,294
  • Tiago XT (O) Revotorq Diesel5,81,715
  • Tiago XZ W/O Alloy Revotorq Diesel6,03,361
  • Tiago XZ Revotorq Diesel6,15,734
  • Tiago XZ+ Revotorq Diesel6,42,137
  • Tiago XZ+ With Dual Tone Roof Revotorq Diesel6,49,137

ABS is standard across all models which have been manufactured from January 2019 onwards. That is the also the reason why prices have gone up by some margin. Apart from this, along with ABS, the Tiago and Tigor also come with EBD & Corner Stability Control which are unheard of in this segment.