Tata Tiago crashes, rear impact is dreadful

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Drive Safe! That’s all one can do to get to your destination in one piece. However, some are lucky.

On one of the busy streets of Thane, in Maharashtra (Ghodbunder Road), a Tata Motors Tiago hatchback was involved in an accident.

As posted by someone on Facebook, it is said that a learning driver tried to overtake a truck from the left hand side on a bridge. While doing so, it wasn’t judged pretty well and the car was hit by the trucks tyre and resulted in what you see in images below. While the occupants in the car were safe, as they were only seated in front, the truck driver was reportedly injured. This info was shared by a rider, so we’re glad that he is safe, and was not involved in this mishap.

Now, if you look closely at the rearward images of the car, the Tiago is completely smashed, till the cabin for the rear passengers. Front airbags did deploy though protecting the front occupants. Seems like rearward crash worthiness is also something that needs to be considered while buying cars?

This accident caused a massive traffic jam on Ghodbunder Road, at the Hiranandani Estate junction.

Tata Motors claims that the Tiago comes with a strong body to absorb impact energy.


Second! Judge your overtakes properly. Ensure that you have passed the other vehicle with enough distance to spare before switching lanes

Images circulated via Whatsapp