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Tata Power & HPCL to set up EV charging stations at petrol pumps nationwide

Written by Nayak

Tata Power and HPCL announce their new partnership to set up EV charging stations across the country. These new EV stations will develop at the existing HPCL’s retail outlets in various cities and major highways. The growing demand for electric vehicles is making a significant impact in the automotive industry. More companies are interested in developing and investing in the ever-increasing e-mobility segment. Tata Power is one such pioneer in the industry, currently the EV charging space domain leader. The company has set up over 500 public chargers in over 100+ cities. This includes petrol pumps, shopping malls, theatres, metro stations, and more.

HPCL and Tata Power To Boost the Charging Infrastructure In The Country

Days are not far when almost all the fuel stations will have EV charging facilities as well. This new agreement between HPCL and Tata Power is also in line with the Government of India’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP). This initiative also aims to develop and enhance the electric vehicle infrastructure in the country by incorporating the latest tech. This will allow the citizens with easy access to charging points and further boost EVs’ sales in the market. The charging stations will be integrated with the Tata Power EZ charge mobile platform, which offers a seamless experience to vehicle owners.

Future Of EVs In India

The growing trend and growth rates prove that the future of EVs in the country is quite bright. Various automotive companies, both domestic and international brands, are coming up with their EV products and launching them in India. Electric vehicles are much cheaper to maintain and have a much lower running cost when compared to their fossil fuel-powered cars. And hence, many customers are finding it lucrative and value for money. Add to that various schemes and incentives the state and central government provided to push more customers to buy electric vehicles.

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