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Tata Power & amã Stays & Trails working towards green tourism

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Tata Power announces its collaboration with amã Stays and Trails to set up charging stations. With the growing demand for electric vehicles in the country, the charging infrastructure is also expanding. As a part of this, the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), will aim to provide sustainable transport infrastructure by setting up charging infrastructure. Under this collaboration, amã Stays and Trails will set up EV charging points at over 30 of its villas and heritage bungalows. This is a massive step for the company to encourage e-mobility in the country. Furthermore, this will encourage more customers to opt for electric vehicles, thus diminishing the range anxiety.

Tata Group Companies Efforts To Build A Viable Charging Infrastructure

With the growing demand for electric vehicles in the country, the charging infrastructure needs a significant boost. Tata Power is one of the emerging players in the market that aims to set up a nationwide charging network solution. This partnership with amã Stays and Trails is a great step in fulfilling their target. amã Stays and Trails has a portfolio of 59 heritage bungalows and villas, including 23 in the pipeline. And if Tata Power successfully sets up its charging station in each of the locations, that would be a great achievement. Tourists will get the confidence to bring in their electric vehicles without worrying about charging stations.

Tata Power’s Plans For The Future

As of now, the company has over 1,000 EV charging points spread across 180 different cities. Under the brand name of EZ Charge, Tata Power aims to add more charging stations in the near future. The company has made use of public places like offices, malls, hotels, retail outlets, and other places of public access to set up these charging stations. Currently, Tata Power has a wide range of charging solutions in its portfolio. This includes the entire value chain of Public chargers, Captive chargers, Bus/ Fleet chargers, and Home chargers. Customers make use of a mobile-based application for a simple and easy charging experience.

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