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Tata offers refrigerated & insulated trucks for vaccine transportation

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors has announced that it will provide refrigerated trucks for the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines all across the country. The company boasts that the trucks are equipped with best-in-class technology and types of equipment which will be the forerunner in fighting this pandemic by helping deliver vaccines all across the length and breadth of our soil. Tata Motors has further announced that these trucks and vans can be purchased from the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal.

The trucks are designed as per the requirements mandated by the Government of India and the company claims that these trucks are the most reliable, safe and speedy transportation facility. These refrigerated trucks are available across various storage sizes to suit all the different scenarios in which these trucks will be deployed. The Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) and Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) segments have tonnage points with 20 and 32 cuM, whereas Tata Motors also mentioned that insulated vans are also available in the above two segments which will be beneficial for the transportation of the vaccines to longer distance and in the rural areas which are not connected to any major cities or towns.

With the growing demand for refrigerated storage needs, Tata Motors has collaborated with major refrigerated load body manufacturers which will help them procure the ready-to-use vaccine vans and several other equipment from them. Since the past few years, Tata Motors has increased market share in the commercial vehicle segments and currently, the company is the leading provider of refrigerated storage trucks for the entire cold chain customers of which majority belongs to the pharma companies.

Tata Motors also claims that these trucks are equipped with various specialised applications which help in offering higher uptime, minimal maintenance & operation cost, quicker turnaround time and more. The in-house product of Tata Motors, ‘Fleet Edge’ is also included in the offering which helps the owners to track and manage their fleet in a more productive and organised manner. All these products are ‘Made In India’ which does add to the value and contributes greatly to the idea of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.