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Tata Nexon EV battery pack replacement costs INR 7 lakh

Written by Rohit Tonapi

The adoption rate of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing, and the Tata Nexon EV is the model garnering the most sales. Tata Motors was one of the early movers in the EV category, and it paid well for the brand. When launched, the Nexon EV was the most affordable EV one could buy in India. However, that title now goes to the Tata Tigor EV.

The general public’s perception of EVs is that they are at least cheaper to run, even if they are expensive to buy. You will also find many stories on the internet in India about how EV owners are munching miles. Further helping this is the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Though much cheaper to run, EVs can burn a hole in your pocket if something were to go wrong with its most crucial component, the battery pack.

Tata Nexon EV Owner’s Battery Replaced

Recently, a Nexon EV owner shared his experience of owning the EV and how the warranty saved him from burning a hole in his pocket. In a Facebook post, he stated he had owned the Nexon EV for two years. In these two years, he clocked 68,000 km. The owner said the vehicle’s range was reduced after these two years. Furthermore, the car stalled even though it had a 15 per cent charge left. 

Luckily, the owner’s Nexon EV was still under warranty. Tata Motors offers an 8-year / 1,60,000 km warranty on the Nexon EV. However, the warranty is subject to a host of terms and conditions. Current and new EV owners need to be aware of these beforehand.

Since the owner’s car was under warranty, Tata Motors replaced the battery pack with a new one. He also added that his Nexon EV was running like it was when new after the battery change. The owner also enquired about the battery cost with the service centre. He found out, as per details shared by the service centre, that the Nexon EV’s battery pack costs INR 7 lakh. 

So, if we consider that the Nexon EV’s battery pack fails at around 68,000 km, one will still be able to get two battery replacements under warranty. However, if you are unlucky and your Nexon EV’s battery fails after the warranty expires, be ready to shell out INR 7 lakh. It is also important to note that the battery pack cost is for the Nexon EV. The recently introduced Nexon EV Max gets a bigger battery pack and offers more range. However, this also means its battery pack will be much more expensive.

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