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Tata Motors wants to be in the top 3 manufacturers

Tata Motors wants to be in the top 3 manufacturers
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Tata Motors has set a target of being in the top 3 car manufacturers in the Indian automotive space. With Maruti Suzuki leading the industry and Hyundai pulling over from other manufacturers for the second spot, Tata Motors will surely have to work hard to get closer to these top 2 contenders.

As of November 2014, Tata Motors had a market share of under 6% and was in the 6th position in the industry. To get to the top 3, Tata needs to overtake Toyota, Mahindra and Honda.

Going forward, Tata has a couple of promising products to offer to the Indian customer. The company has already launched the Zest compact sedan which is off to a good start. The next launch in a couple of weeks time would be the new Bolt hatchback. Later in 2015, Tata will launch the Kite hatchback and a compact-sedan slotting below the Zest.

Reports have also suggested that Tata Motors will work with Jaguar Land Rover to jointly develop products for the Indian market. This should definitely provide the manufacturer a technological edge in the segment.

Reaching the top 3 as of now is a distant dream. But if the products click well in the market, it is surely achievable.

Source – EconomicTimes