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Tata Motors unveils Ultra Sleek T-Series Ultra T.6, T.7 & T.9 trucks

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors announces the launch of its new range of smart trucks under the Ultra Sleek T-Series brand name. A total of three models are available under this series namely, T.6, T.7 and T.9. Tata Motors claims that this new-generation range of trucks come loaded with features that make it future-ready without any compromise on the safety aspect.  These trucks use the ‘Power of 6’ philosophy of Tata Motors which ensure superior vehicle performance, driving comfort, convenience and connectivity, along with safety – all with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The New Ultra Sleek T-Series

Tata Motors mentions that this new range of trucks come with a new ultra-sleek 1900mm-wide cabin which results in better manoeuvrability and lower turnaround time. Customers will have a choice to choose from various deck sizes from 10 to 20 feet as per their requirements. The cabins of these trucks have been crash-tested thus proving their high reliability and durability. The equipped narrow cabin will result in ease of movement on congested and narrow roads thus decreasing the trip time.

Technical Specifications and Key Features

The cabin gets all the modern features like adjustable seat height, tilt-and-telescopic power steering, dashboard-mounted gear lever, in-built music system, USB fast charging port and ample storage space. The suspension setup uses a parabolic leaf setup which enhances the safety and control of the truck to a great extent. On the exteriors, the clear-lens headlamps paired with LED tail-lamps improve the night drivability. Powering this New Ultra Sleek T-Series range is a 4SPCR engine that pushes out 100 HP of power and 300 Nm of torque. Tata Motors claims that the chassis designed with a strong modular platform reduces the rolling resistance which helps in improving the fuel economy. Ultra Sleek T-Series range of trucks are available with two tyre combinations, 4-tyre and 6-tyre. The best usage of these trucks includes the transportation of e-commerce products, industrial goods, LPG cylinders, and refrigerated containers for transportation of Covid-19 vaccine, pharmaceuticals and more.