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Tata Motors sold 64,386 passenger cars in Q1 FY22

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors has released its 2021 June sales figures. The company sold a cumulative 1,07,786 units in the domestic market in Q1 FY22 as against 23,773 units in Q1 FY21, thus growing by almost 353 per cent. For June 2021, the total domestic sales stood at 43,704 units compared to 19,387 units for the same period last year. This results in a growth of 125 per cent. In the domestic & international market, Tata cumulatively sold 1,14,784 vehicles, in Q1 FY22. Compared to 24,978 units sold during Q1 FY21.

Domestic Passenger Vehicle Sales Report

The passenger vehicle segment of Tata Motors posted a sale of 64,386 units in Q1FY22. This translates to a growth of 342 per cent when compared to Q1FY21. For June 2021, the total sales stood at 24,110 units, up from 11,419 units in June 2020, a growth of 111 per cent. The EV segment, led by the Tata Nexon, witnessed the highest ever quarter sales of 1,715 units. The demand for EVs is ever-growing, as evident from the fact that the Tata Nexon EV sold the maximum number of units in a month in June 2021, with 650 units. Tata Motors said that it is now fully focused on revamping its production to meet the growing demand in the market.

Domestic Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

The company mentioned that the sales of Tata Motors Commercial sector stood at 43,400 units in Q1 FY22, thus contracting by 56 per cent compared to Q4 FY21. This was mainly because of the disruption due to the 2nd wave of Covid-19. But as compared to Q1 FY21, the sale in Q1 FY22 was almost 4.7 times that of Q1 FY21.

With the easing of restrictions and gradual reopening, the number of inquiries and retails are also picking up pace. The international demand is also growing strong. Tata Motors’ international business grew by over 460 per cent over Q1 FY21 and 24 per cent over Q1 FY20. The total MHCVs sale, includes M&HCV busses, trucks, and international business. This accounted for 15,751 units for Q1 FY22 against 2,540 units in Q1 FY21.

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