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Tata Motors reveals 1.2L & 1.5L TGDI engines

Written by Nizam Shaikh

At the Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors announced that the brand is bringing two new engines into its vehicle line-up. The brand reveals that the two new engines are targeted towards customers looking out for an ‘exhilarating experience’. The new engines will power Tata Motors’ range of passenger vehicles and claim to enhance the character of the cars thanks to their high-tech technology.

What is a TGDI Engine?

For the uninitiated, TGDI is short for Turbocharged Gasoline (Petrol) Direct Injection Engine. Tata claims that the turbocharged direct injection petrol engines will offer the correct balance between power, refinement and fuel efficiency. Thanks to turbocharging as well as direct injection technology, petrol engines not only deliver high power outputs but also belt out high amounts of torque. All this while consuming low amounts of fuel. This not only makes the cars powerful and fuel-efficient but also conforms to stringent emission norms. According to Tata, the new 1.2-litre TGDI and 1.5-litre TGDI engines conform to the latest Bharat Stage 6, phase 2 emissions compliance.

Tata Motors 1.2L and 1.5L TGDI – Engine Technology

The Tata Motors 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre TGDI engines feature a lightweight all-aluminium structure. The rigid structure not only shaves off weight but also provides improved engine stiffness. The high-pressure direct injection system also gets an advanced combustion system improving its performance and fuel efficiency.

The TGDI engines also come packed with technology such as:-

  • Dual Cam Phasing
  • Variable Oil Pump
  • Integrated Exhaust Manifold in the Cylinder Head
  • Water-Cooled Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • Maintenance Free Valve Train and Timing Chain Technologies
  • Advanced Exhaust After Treatment Systems

Tata claims that the engine is also reliable and comes with a low cost of ownership. This is also due to the Maintenance free valve train and timing chain technology. The brand has also made refinement features in the core design of the engine offering quiet and convenience along with high performance. Lastly, the engines are also equipped with an Advanced Exhaust after-treatment system. This ensures lower emissions making the engine environmentally friendly while conforming to the latest emission norms.

Tata Motors 1.2L and 1.5L TGDI – Engine Specifications

The Tata Motors 1.2-litre TGDI engine comes with 1198cc displacement and three cylinders. The turbo-petrol engine produces 125 PS of power @ 5000 rpm and 225 Nm of torque @ 1700 – 3500 rpm. The 1.5-litre TGDI engine comes with 1498cc of displacement and four cylinders. The turbocharged petrol motor makes 170 PS of power @ 5000 rpm and 280 Nm of torque @ 2000 – 3500 rpm.

Tata Motors 1.2L and 1.5L TGDI – E20 BioFuel

Both the 1.2L and 1.5L TGDI petrol engines are tuned to operate on E20 Fuel which is a blend of 20% Ethanol and 80% fossil-based fuel (petrol) as well as regular unleaded petrol. In mass utilisation, E20 will help reduce the fuel import burden on the country as well as control the pollution levels. In addition to this, biofuels such as E20 also promote the agriculture industry.

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