Tata Motors opens vehicle scrapping facility near Delhi

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Tata Motors has announced that the brand has inaugurated its fifth vehicle scrapping facility near Delhi. The vehicle scrapping facility is christened “Re.Wi.Re” which is an acronym for “Recycle With Respect”. The Registered
Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF), deploys cutting edge technology to process a vehicle’s end-of-life in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to this, the brand revealed that the vehicle scrapping facility is capable of safely and responsibly dismantle 18,000 vehicles deemed scrap, annually.

Where are Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility’s (RVSF) Located in India?

Tata Motors has partnered with Johar Motors to responsibly scrap both passenger and commercial vehicles of all brands. In India, Tata already has four Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities. These are located in four locations – Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Surat and Chandigarh. The fifth Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility is now open near Delhi, reiterating Tata’s commitment towards sustainable initiatives.

What is Re.Wi.Re Scrapping Facility in India?

Re.Wi.Re (Recycle With Respect) employs world class technologies and environmentally friendly practices to scrap vehicles. The scrapping facility is purpose built and is fully digitalised. Re.Wi.Re also has a dedicated line-type and cell-type dismantling for passenger and commercial vehicles respectively. The brand also claims that the processes are seamless and paperless adding further impact on sustainability.

In addition to this, Re.Wi.Re vehicle scrapping facility also safely dismantles various sensitive components of vehicles. These include – Batteries, Fuel, Oil, Gasses, Other Liquids as well as Tyres. Vehicles undergo meticulous documentation thanks to the dismantling process specific to passenger or commercial vehicles.

Thanks to its procedures, the dismantling procedure ensures maximum attention to detail in safe disposal of all components. This includes dangerous materials such as batteries, fuels, oils and coolants. The disposal of all components is taken care of as per the vehicle scraping policy. Thanks to the Re.Wi.Re the vehicle scrapping industry will finally turn towards sustainable practices in the automotive industry.

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