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Tata Motors Opens Two Exclusive TATA.ev Outlets in Gurugram

Written by News Team

Tata Motors inaugurated to new exclusive Tata.ev showrooms in Gurugram. The showrooms are located in the hotspots of Gurugram. One at Sector 14 and the other at Sohna Road. The showrooms will be open to all from January 7, 2024.

These are the first EV-exclusive showrooms by a four-wheeler manufacturer that also makes ICE vehicles. Besides carrying the new Tata.ev brand identity, these, and future Tata.ev showrooms will be standing on three key pillars.

Sustainability Takes centre-stage

The brand Tata.ev stands for sustainability and the showrooms are no different. The showroom furniture is made with sustainable and recyclable materials. The outer walls are made up of glass to invite maximum daylight. The lighting is all-LED for efficient energy consumption and the showroom is equipped with smart sensors that control the brightness of the light based on the light outside.


Community Engagement

The second pillar is community engagement. The space design is not transactional but is inviting and engaging. There is ample of open space and you wont find the traditional table and chair setup that appears dull. Tata.ev has partnered with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters as their sustainability goals align with Tata’s and there will be a Blue Tokai counter at all stores. Consumers can recharge themselves with a coffee while their car is being topped off.


Technology is the final pillar defining the Tata.ev stores. The sensor-controlled LED lights is one example of advanced tech used in the store. It is also equipped with digital screens that show informative content, customer testimonials, and play welcome messages. The customization corner enables customers to fully customize their EVs and get a glimpse of how it will look before confirming the order.


The new Tata.ev showrooms are a step forward in Tata’s retail journey. The stores have a sense of quality and premium feel as soon as you enter them and are truly a huge step up from the regular Tata showrooms.