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Tata Motors now teases Maruti Suzuki WagonR over crash test rating

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Since Global NCAP published the crash safety report for the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, Tata Motors has been taking a dig at the brand with creative yet sardonic artwork and taglines. It was not just Maruti Suzuki in the crosshairs of the homegrown brand but the two-star scorer Hyundai i10 Grand NIOS also took the jeer with the ‘ii < iv’ campaign, pointing the 2 stars Hyundai i10 compared to the 4 star Tata Tiago. 

Now, Tata Motors has taken the jibe at Maruti Suzuki, again, by posting an image of a broken down Wagon which says “Oh Sh**T! WAGONE”, as well as a tag line that says, “Safety is ‘two’ important to be ignored. Be smart before someone overturns your caRt.” The image of the wooden wagon with one of its wheel off is a clear indication that the brand is pointing towards the Maruti Suzuki WagonR. The Global NCAP in 2019 crash-tested the current-generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR which received 2 Stars for adult protection and 2 Stars for child protection. Global NCAP has awarded the Tata Tiago 4-stars for safety and boasts to be the safest car in the segment.

The 5-door hatchback was subjected to a Front Offset Deformable Barrier Test at the speed of 64 kmph. According to the Global NCAP’s test results, the car offered good protection to the head driver and passenger, good protection to the driver’s neck and adequate protection the passenger, both driver and passenger’s chest showed weak protection and knees for both the driver and passenger showed marginal protection as they could impact with dangerous structures behind the dashboard supported by the tranfascia tube. 

The bodyshell and footwell are was rated as unstable and it was not capable of withstanding further loadings. The 18-month old child dummy was seated in a LUSTER KA240 child restraint system using the adult seatbelt in a rearward-facing position and the 3-year-old child dummy was seated in a LUSTER KA500 child restraint system with the adult seat belt in the forward-facing position. The adult seat belt failed to stop excessive movement and the child seat failed during the test. The does not offer ISOFIX child seat anchorage system. 

Earlier Maruti Suzuki also responded with a Tweet, “We are India’s favourite automobile brand”, along with an imitation text that says “! This Claim Is Undisputed”, The brand also stated in the past that Maruti Suzuki cars conform with global standards and they are tested and certified by the Government of India which has also increased the severeness of crash test norms. Furthermore, the brand also says that the Critical aspects of safety should be regulated by the Government and not left to “Self-Proclaimed” organisations, pointing towards Global NCAP which is an international charity organisation that promotes vehicle crash testing and reporting especially for the emerging markets like ourselves.