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Tata Motors launches Ultra T.7 truck with 100 HP & 300 Nm

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors has announced the launch of a new commercial vehicle, the Ultra T.7. It is designed with a cabin with all the modern features of urban transportation usage. The cabin has been made 1900mm wide with some best-in-class features providing adequate comfort and agility as claimed by Tata Motors. The reduced turnaround time will also improve the efficiency in the logistics and ensure a better earning for the truck owners. The Ultra T.7 has options of various deck length; 4-tyre and 6-tyre combination which enables the truck to be used in various applications.

The Ultra T.7 is powered by a 4SPCR engine, producing 100 HP of power and 300 Nm of torque in the range 1,200 to 2,200 rpm. The truck is underpinned by a modular chassis design which improves its durability and it is also equipped with tubeless tyres. The core value of Tata Motors the ‘Power of 6’ which means superior fleet profitability, vehicle performance, driving comfort, convenience and connectivity, along with safety – all with a lower total cost of operations (TCO) has also been included.

The commercial vehicle has been tested extensively across various real-world terrains and conditions in India. In the safety department, Tata Motors has included, crash-tested cabin and powerful air-brakes, tilt-and-telescopic power steering, a dash-mounted gear shifter adjustable seating positions. The other key features include standard fitment of a music system, ample storage space, a USB fast charging port and more. The above features give a very neat look to the interiors. Tata Motors’ connected vehicle solution enables the owner to keep track of the fleet and hence streamlining the entire fleet management process. The inclusion of clear-lens headlights and LED tail-lamps improve the night visibility to a great extent.

The Ultra T.7 can be used for various applications like transportation of FMCG, e-commerce products, industrial tools, consumer durables, LPG cylinders and more. The Tata Motors LCV range comes with a peace of mind warranty of 3 lakh kilometres or 3 years. The Sampoorna Seva 2.0 and Tata Samarth offering further accentuate Tata Motor’s commitment in the commercial vehicle segement.