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Tata delivers 35 electric buses to BEST, part of 340 e-buses order

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors delivered 35 electric buses to BEST. This is a part of the larger order of 340 e-buses placed by the Maharashtra government. These buses are part of the government of India’s FAME II initiative, whose main aim is to develop the e-mobility infrastructure in the country. Tata Motors will take up responsibility for the maintenance, deployment, and operation of these buses. The rest of the buses, as per the order, will follow in a phased manner, as per schedule. Under this order, Tata Motors will provide 140 units of the 12-meter 35-seater model and 200 units of the 9-meter 25-seater model.

Key Features

These buses are 12-meter long with a seating capacity of 35 passengers. Passengers will get the comfort of air-conditioning, roomy interiors, comfortable and ergonomic seats, charging ports and more. One of the key features includes the ‘Lift Mechanism’ that helps in easy ingress and egress of specially-abled passengers. These also get the smart Intelligent Transport System, telematics system, regenerative braking system and more. Tata Motors claims that these buses tested across varied conditions and terrains will offer the most optimal comfort. This will help these buses achieve an optimal level of performance. Not just in Maharashtra, Tata Motors has delivered electric buses to various other states and cities as well.

Commercial Segment Getting Electrified

It is not surprising to witness the growing number of electric vehicles in both the private and commercial segments. The benefits of electric vehicles are far more superior than ICE engine powered vehicles. One of the main advantages is the cost, which is quite detrimental in the commercial segment. In addition to this, the pollution level is also kept under check, as diesel vehicles are one of the major contributors to air pollution. One of the areas where this segment is lacking is the availability of charging stations. But, with the various e-mobility companies coming up, the charging infrastructure is also growing at a substantial speed.

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