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SVM Prana electric motorcycle launched in India at INR 1.99 lakh

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Srivaru Motor’s (SVM) has launched a new electric motorcycle in the Indian market called the Prana. The Coimbatore-based brand has announced that the SVM Prana is priced starting at INR 1.99 lakh ex-showroom and the 100% electric motorcycle can be booked at INR 1,999 from SVM dealers across the country. 

The Prana is available in three variants – Class, Grand and Elite. The brand has not revealed the price on the Class trim and the Grand starts at INR 2.25 lakh ex-showroom. But the company has found a very innovative way for a discount scheme. The brand is offering a discount of INR 25,001 on the Grand bringing down the price to INR 1.99 lakh ex-showroom. 

In order to avail this discount, customers have to plant 10 tree saplings and send the proof in the form of photos with purchaser standing next to the planted sapling. The tree saplings can be planted in different places in order to get what the company calls SVMCSR Green credit. The same Green Credit applies to the higher-spec Elite trim which is priced at INR 3 lakh ex-showroom and with a discount of INR 25,001 the electric motorcycle is priced at INR 2.75 lakh. 

Powering the SVM Prana is a 42-72 V DC range Brushless electric motor with Intelligent air-cooled BLDC controller which is capable of functioning even at temperatures of 50-degrees celsius ambient temperature. The power unit is coupled to a 72V Lithium-ion battery pack which in the Grand comes with a 4.32 kW capacity and the Elite is offered with a much larger 7.2 kW and the Grand claims to return a range of 126 km on a single charge while the Elite claims a range of 225 km on a single charge. While the former takes 4 hours 15 minutes to recharge the latter 7.2 kW battery takes 6 hours 30 minutes to recharge. 

The SVM Prana is also capable of achieving a top speed of up to 123 kmph and a 0 to 60 kmph in just 4 seconds. The electric motorcycle is also offered with four modes; Practice Mode – which limits the motorcycle to a maximum speed of 45 kmph, Drive Mode – which offers the full 123 kmph top speed but with smooth acceleration, Sports Mode – that offers aggressive torque and a max speed of 123 kmph and Reverse Mode – that aids the rider in reversing the motorcycle from tight spots. 

The SVM Prana is offered in four colour options – Mystery Black, Perfect White, Progressive Green and Passionate Red.