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Suzuki working on SOS alert system for motorcycles

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Suzuki could be working on a new safety system for its motorcycles in the international market. According to sources, the Japanese brand is working on an area of sensors that integrate with the motorcycle and the rider. Thanks to these sensors, an SOS alert system can be automatically be initiated in case of an accident. The system will help reduce the number of fatalities due to road accidents as the SOS alert system will be able to sense an accident and directly make a call to the authorities as well as emergency services.

How Does it Work?

The new Suzuki SOS Alert system will gather data from sensors integrated into the rider’s helmet, jacket, pants and shoes. The system will be able to detect the severity of the fall and also calculate if the rider is in the standing, sitting or laying down position. Thanks to the sensors, the automatic alert system will be capable of deciding if the emergency services need to be informed.

In case the rider has an insignificant crash and does not need any assistance, the sensors will be capable of assessing if the rider is in the standing-up position and the relative distance from the motorcycle. If the rider has fallen over and is in the laying down position, the SOS alert system will get activated and send out notifications to the emergency services as well as to the rider’s loved ones. 

Currently, the SOS alert system is still on the drawing boards, and the brand will need to design apparels that will be compatible with the sensors. However, it will not be long before the technology debuts in real life. The SOS alert system will particularly be helpful for long-distance tourers and explorers. The brand could offer the SOS alert system on premium motorcycles as a standard safety feature in the near future. 

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