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Suzuki revises service intervals for bikes

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Suzuki Motorcycles India have revised their maintenance service interval schedule for all the motorcycles sold in the Indian market from small domestic models to large capacity Suzuki big bikes. The rearrangement of the new service schedule comes with immediate effect.

In case of the small capacity domestic models up to 169cc, the service interval duration has been revised and not the kilometre interval between services. In particular, the duration from the date of sale has been revised. For example, the 3rd free service which would earlier be due at 210 days and 7500 km, with the new policy, will be due in 240 days from the purchase but the kilometre interval will remain the same at 7500 km. The warranty policy remains unchanged at two years or 30,000 km. 

For big bikes, the changes are in the time interval, kilometre interval as well as the warranty policy. Starting with the time interval, the earlier policy maintained a tight schedule with an unrealistic window of one day, but the new schedule is more flexible with a time window of fifteen days. The kilometre intervals have also been revised and the earlier 2nd service which was scheduled at 4000 km has been revised to 6000 km and the 3rd service which was scheduled at 8000 km has been revised to 12000 km, and so on. The warranty policy has also been changed, while the old policy term of 2 years remains the same, the kilometre policy has been changed and prolonged by 6000km, from the earlier 24,000 km to the new policy of 30,000 km. 

The schedule revision with the flexible service window and extended kilometre duration will add to the ease of ownership costs especially for the big bikes if the owners prefer to use their motorcycles extensively.  

In India the Suzuki Motorcycles portfolio includes:- 

Big Bikes

  • GSX-R1000R
  • GSX-S750
  • Vstorm 650XT
  • Hayabusa


  • Intruder
  • Gixxer SF SP
  • Gixxer SP
  • Gixxer 
  • Gixxer SF
  • Gixxer 250 SF


  • Access 125 
  • Access 125 SE
  • Burgman