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Suzuki Gixxer rusting parts to be replaced

Suzuki Gixxer rusting parts to be replaced
Written by Parichay Malvankar

A lot has been spoken over the last couple of weeks about parts rusting on the new Suzuki Gixxer. But now, the company has accepted this issue and will be helping out customers who are facing this issue.

Customers who have found rusting of parts on their bikes, will get a free replacement of the part from authorised Suzuki dealerships. The company has also assured that starting from January 2015, the new models will come with a special coat over these parts to avoid rusting.

Rust accumulation was seen on nuts & bolts, exhaust muffle tip, disc brake, handlebar etc.

The Gixxer comes with a standard 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years.

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Source – FlyWheel