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Super Car Club Garage starts ‘GS Design’ car customisation in India

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Super Car Club Garage has launched a new initiative ‘GS Design’. Under this, users will get customisation services for any car. This includes interior fabrication and automobile care. GS Design was unveiled by Gautam Hari Singhania, the Chairman and Founder of Super Car Club and Super Car Club Garage.

Customised vehicles at GS Design

At the launch, there were two vehicles displayed – a custom Innova Crysta and a Force Traveller.

Custom Innova Crysta

In the Innova, the design team replaced the rear two rows with dual captain seats finished in leather. They get powered recline and an ottoman function. A partition separates the driver and the rear cabin. This partition houses some storage areas and a large 40-inch TV for the rear occupants. Owners can customise the TV size from 32-55 inches. Other features on the Innova Crysta include phone connectivity, ambient lighting and a Rolls Royce like star light headliner with shooting star effect.

The price for this customisation starts from INR 45 lakh, which includes the price of the vehicle as well. The conversation process will take 2.5 months. The facility can work on 8 such vehicles at the same time.

Modified Force Traveller

Another vehicle on display was the Force Traveller. It comes with a seven seat configuration. Amongst these, three of them get powered recline and an ottoman function. It comes with a 43-inch TV, internet, phone connectivity and ambient lighting. One of the main customisations include a built-in chemical toilet and a mini pantry.

Furthermore, one of the modifications includes a platform that can be hydraulically raised. This will allow occupants to address crowds from the roof. A specific election campaign vehicle is offered with two exterior 32-inch TVs and a PA system.

The Force Traveller will set back owners by INR 85 lakh, including the cost of the vehicle. GS Design can work on two of these at the same time. Each unit will take 3 months to convert.

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