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Steelbird Two in One ‘Rally Helmet’ launched in India

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Helmets have introduced the SB-51 Rally Helmets in the Indian Market. The SB-51 is a unique two in one helmet for use in cars as well as motorcycles.

The SB-51 helmets are designed to be used in rally cars and the helmets have an extended mouth guard to protect the user’s jaw and it also houses the microphone of the Bluetooth communication device. The extended jaw provides a safeguard for the microphone of the communication device and helps maintain the sound quality by deflecting wind and cutting down the unwanted wind noise. The Italian designed helmet allows easy replacement of the Bluetooth unit.

The design is inspired by motocross and rally racing helmets and offers a compact design and dual utility. The inner padding is easily replaceable and is ergonomically designed keeping the rider’s comfort in mind. The Bluetooth device speakers can be placed easily and special provisions are made for the same. The  Steelbird SB-51 is also available in a Carbon-Fibre surface finish and is the only non-painted version. The Carbon-Fibre surface finish is available in White, Black and Red colours.

The colours on the SB-51 helmet are available in both glossy and matte finish and are as follows:-

  • Midnight Black
  • Royal Brown
  • Desert Storm
  • Battle Green
  • Moon Yellow
  • Maroon
  • Hot Pink

The new Steelbird SB-51 two in one helmet will be available at your nearest dealer and will be a budget-friendly alternative to the much more expensive rally-spec helmets.