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Steelbird SB-39 ROX helmet with sun Shield launched at INR 1,199

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Steelbird Hi-Tech India, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer has launched the SB-39 Rox with Sun Shield. The SB-39 Rox features a Sun Shield which is compliant not only with the ISI standards but also meets the European Standards. Apart from being advanced, the SB-29 Rox with Sun Shield is also economically priced. The new Steelbird helmet is priced from INR 1,199 and is available in 2 sizes – Large 600mm and Medium 580mm. 

The new Steelbird SB-39 Rox with Sun Shield has been designed in Italy by the XTECH DESIGN team. The helmet comes with an in-built sun visor that works with an ergonomically placed push button slider mechanism through which the slider can be operated up and down effortlessly. The sun shield goggles help the rider cut the sunlights and removes the glare of the sunlight reducing distraction and enhancing the safety quotient. 

The Steelbird SB-39 Rox with Sun Shield is available in choices of Glossy and Matte with the colour option of Black, Desert Storm, Battle Green, Grey and Cherry Red. The helmet is also offered in a non-painted carbon-fibre finish in Black, White and Red. The Steelbird SB-39 Rox is also available with a choice of decals. 

In the recent past, Steelbird also launched the IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield for protection from the COVID-19 virus. The Steelbird IGN-1 HF StaticFace Shield features inbuilt hands-free functions allows users to make and receive calls without having to touch the mobile phone reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The face shield features a battery-less speaker and microphone system that provides high-quality sound along with features such as noise cancellation using a single directional microphone. 

The innovative face shield is IP5 water resistant which means it can also be used in light rains. The IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is priced at INR 1879 and is available through Amazon and Flipkart e-commerce websites.