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Steelbird launches Blauer BET helmet in India

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Steelbird, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, has introduced a new range of helmets. The name for the new range is ‘Blauer BET’. The helmets are in sync with the company’s motto of making the rider’s life safer. Additionally, the major highlight of the new helmet is that it meets the latest European Safety Standards, ‘ECE 22.06’. Steelbird said they were happy to launch the new Blauer BET series. The company also became one of the first brands to embrace the new safety standards way before being implemented in India.

The new European Safety Standards – ECE 22.06 will be mandated in India and also around the world from January 2024. After January 2024, riders will still be able to wear their ECE 22.05-certified helmet. However, manufacturers supplying any new helmet to a distributor or retailer will need to be ECE 22.06-certified.

What Is The New ECE 22.06 Safety Standard?

The ECE 22.06 safety standard replaces the ECE 22.05. The ECE 22.05 safety standard came into effect in June of 2020. Also, the .05 or .06 in the standard pertains to specific revisions and amendments to the No. 22 regulation. 

The ECE 22.05 standard requires a helmet to pass HIC (Head Injury Criterion) tests. A dummy’s head wears a helmet with accelerometers inside it. The accelerometers calculate the maximum acceleration to calculate the damage the head will suffer in case of an accident. The test also involves shock absorption, retention systems and unseating of the helmet. The visor of the helmet also needs to be of good quality and ensure protection. The manufacturer of the helmet carries out all these tests. After this, it submits the reports for checks to an external certified laboratory.

The changes affect the impact test and how the impact occurs. Currently, the weight of the impacts the helmet occurs with a pre-set speed. It involves the front, top, back, chin guard and sides. The new ECE 22.06 standard will also add other points of impact.

The overhauled testing procedures for the ECE 22.06 also apply the latest science to the process. The new impact tests will see harder and faster impacts and also low-speed impacts. Additionally, it will also introduce a new angle rotation impact test. Helmet accessories like integrated sun visors will also have standards they need to meet to pass testing.

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