Steelbird Face Shield with Mobile Handsfree function launched at INR 1,879

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Helmets has launched the IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield a unique and revolutionary product that is aligned with safety in times of the COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the entire globe. The new Steelbird IGN-1 HF StaticFace Shield features inbuilt hands-free functions that allow users to take the calls without touching the mobile phone.

The invisible to the naked eye, CoronaVirus, could be present on the screens of the mobile phones along with a plethora of other harmful bacteria and viruses. When the mobile phone is touched with fingers the viruses and bacteria’s could get transferred from the users mobile phone to their mouth, nose or eyes and into the body, ultimately infecting the user. The Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is designed to minimise the risk of getting infected through cross-contamination, reducing the risk of CoronaVirus spread. Recent reports have suggested that the mobile phone could also be the carriers and might be one of the reasons for the COVID-19 spread. 

While it is important to sanitise all products susceptible to high contact sanitising mobile phones very frequently is not very feasible as these gadgets are integrated into our lives and it is not possible to sanitise them every single time we touch them. Hence the Steelbird Face Shield serves a dual purpose. Integrated with inbuilt Battery-less speakers and microphone system the Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield can be used to receive phone calls, access Google Assistant and enjoy uninterrupted music without having to touch the phone and with a battery-less system, the Face Shield does not need charging. 

The brand also claims that the face shield provides high-quality sound and noise cancellation through a single directional microphone. It can be used during the rainy season as it has a waterproof mechanism with IP5 water resistant hands-free part and comes with adjustable ear pads for comfort and is is compatible with all the mobile phones. Steelbird plans to manufacture 1,00,000 pcs of IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield in Three months (Aug-Oct) product is available for sale on Amazon & Flipkart along with the brand’s official website and the IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is priced at INR 1879/-