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Speed limits to be revised

Speed limits to be revised
Written by Parichay Malvankar

The current speed limits that we follow were made back in 1989, when highway development had not taken off that well. Now, the government plans to revise the speed limits for each category of vehicles considering improved network of highways across the country.

With this revision, passenger cars will be allowed to run at 100 kmph, goods (commercial) vehicles will be allowed to run at 80 kmph and motorcycles which were earlier allowed only to run till a maximum of 50 kmph, will now be allowed to ply at 80 kmph. Additionally, the government has also set up speed limits for the new quadricycle category, and these can be run at 70 kmph.

Now, it is up to the state governments and local bodies including the traffic police to decide the speed limits on state highways and rural roads.

Previously, a committee was set up in 2006-07 to rationalize the speed limits, but it has come to effect only now, in 2014.

Source – ET Auto