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Special service campaign from BMW for flood-affected cars in Mumbai

Written by Parichay Malvankar

BMW India is wanting to help customers in Mumbai. As every year, Mumbai is affected due to heavy rainfall and water-logging negatively affects the BMW range of cars. To counter this, BMW has now annouced a special aftersales campaign for cars which are flood-affected in Mumbai.

BMW claims to have appointed special certified technicians and service advisors for this purpose who can give the BMW car a comprehensive check to make them road worthy again, and as soon as possible. BMW India is also giving priority to part orders from Mumbai dealerships for flood-affected vehicles. Also, off-the-shelf sale of parts is also being arranged.

BMW is also activating complimentary RSA which will allow towing of cars within the city. With additional technical resources, the repair time is also expected to be brought down. BMW dealers are working towards making the insurance process easier for this situation, and have collaborated with insurance companies.

BMW is also urging customers not to drive their cars during water-logged situations. And if your engine fails when you’re car is submerged in water, do not attempt to re-start the car.